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Contest on Facebook : consequences of non compliance

Update : Kiabi’s fan page is back then the team recorded a video :

Wednesday December 22, 2010 Facebook has decided to suspend Kiabi’s fan page which had over 130,000 fans.

Kiabi had decided to hold a contest on its fan page encouraging users to participate through the wall, but this is contrary to the rules of Facebook. Indeed, a competition must always be organized in a dedicated application in a fan page tab. You can read our post : « Contests on Facebook : reminder of the rules. »

This incident is very regrettable because it stops abruptly Kiabi’s efforts while it is a leading company which seems perfectly handle this marketing tool. Kiabi’s fan page was the seventh biggest French fan page on Facebook.

This is not a reason to stop any effort. Indeed, the contests are still allowed on Facebook!

It is important to constantly be informed through constant monitoring by using reliable tools.

By using Kontest you are sure to respect the rules of Facebook and avoid this kind of misadventure..