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Facebook « Send » button

Facebook keeps adding new features to its platform. The button « Like » celebrates its first year of existence and the social network introduces a brand new button: the « Send ».

How this new button is working ? That’s very simple: the Like button allows you to reveal what you like to all your Facebook friends, while the Send button allows you to share content through private message or e-mail to friends and share content on the wall of a group you belong to. This button aims to replace the existing « E-mail to a friend ». According to Facebook, it’s the easiest way to share something with individuals or a group.

To share this post, just click on the button :

You will be able to share a content with a person or group of people likely to be interested in this particular content. Moreover, the sharing will be much more targeted than it is with the Like button. A real opportunity for brands that can adapt their content but also generate engagement and conversion.

You can install the Send button within a few minutes on your website by visiting the Facebook Developers platform.

Furthermore, each click on the Send button and each URL shared in a comment or a private message will be added in the Like button counter.