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Facebook Video Calling

Facebook improves its instant conversations system which now includes a videocalling system.

To access the feature visit the dedicated page:

Facebook + Skype

You will then have access to a new chat system displaying in priority the people with whom you interact the most. When the size of your browser is large enough, the sidebar will automatically appear on your window. You can also create group conversations by inviting people to come talk to you.

The most important feature is the videocalling using Skype. It’s actually very easy to use, you just need to click on the camera shaped logo in the conversation tab to start the video and discuss face to face with any friend on Facebook.

Facebook launched this feature just after Google launched its « hangout » system, which is also a videocalling feature but with some bonus like the ability to share a video from Youtube and watch it together with your chat partner. Facebook now has 750 million active members which gives it a significant advantage over Google +.

Facebook Videocalling will be available to all members of the social network in the coming weeks.