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Feedbacks from Heaven

Pierre Binet, Community Manager at Heaven agency used our platform Kontest to create contests in order to recruit and engage new fans within the Microsoft community. We asked him some questions, here are his answers:

For what reasons did you hold a contest?

To extend the type of animation offered to the community of the fan page. This will keep the fans’ interest and attract new ones by offering attractive prizes. And also to gain a little visibility of the Facebook page.

What were your goals?

We wanted to increase the number of fans on the page where we held the competition and increase the visibility thanks to the viral application.

Did you reach them?

It is hard to say: we can hardly expect an accurate result, especially in terms of investments and gain of new fans (too many parameters come into play: the contest period, the duration, the number of fans on the page, the prizes, etc..), we can not have a specific goal in terms of new fans.

How did you advertise about your contest?

We advertised about the contest through various posts on other Facebook pages within the same universe. Therefore the fans were potentially interested in the prizes. We also used Twitter.

Why did you use Kontest?

Simplicity and speed of set up and management before, during and after the competition. The team is also very reactive to answer questions that you may have. We previously used another application for a contest from another provider but different issues faced during the contest led us to try other tools.

Will you hold other contests in the future?

Absolutely. Although, we don’t want to abuse for not turning the fan page into a « contest page », it is necessary to perform this from time to time to satisfy the fans that are waiting for that. Remember that most fans on Facebook are there to enter this kind of animation.

Many thanks to Pierre, Heaven and Microsoft for their trust and their loyalty!