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Get a graphic design made by professionnals for free

The graphic design of your contest applications is key and decisive regarding their success. Make your campaigns shine!


Personality test before


Personality test after

We really want to put all the chances on your side, that’s why Kontest offers a custom graphic theme to every new customer purchasing a 30 days (or more) Premium contest or subscribing to an unlimited plan.

High quality

High quality

Our webdesigners are skilled professionals at your service to provide graphic designs that meet your needs.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery

After some discussion, you get your custom graphic design and launch your contest or promotion right on time!

More entrants

More entrants

Contest applications with an enhanced graphic design inspire confidence and get a better conversion rate.

How does it work?

How can I get a free graphic design for my contest application?

To get a free graphic design, you need to be a new Kontest customer and run a Premium contest for 30 days or more or subscribe to one of our custom unlimited plans.

What do I need to provide?

We create a custom theme according to your graphic standards and elements (pictures, photos, logos, texts) you provide. This offer doesn’t include artworks production.

How many change requests can I do?

To optimize the workflow of our teams and the time spent creating your theme, the number of change requests is limited to two.

What are the benefits of a custom unlimited plan?

Besides giving you the possibility to run contests and promotions regularly without limits, we customize your theme CSS. Like that your application will be personalized much more deeply.

Who is in charge of the theme integration?

We are! We integrate your theme in your Kontest account and we send you a PSD file. That way, you can reuse it for as many campaigns as you want.

Anything else I need to know?

By taking advantage of this offer, you accept that Kontest may use screenshots of your contest in commercial documentation (booklets, white papers, promotional materials, etc.).

To get your free graphic design for your upcoming contest or promotion, contact us now!

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