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Google is indexing Facebook Comments

The Google bots are evolving: they now support dynamic contents like AJAX and JavaScript. All the comments from Facebook Comments will be part of the SEO of a website using them.

Most blogs are using a basic comment system that allows everyone to post anonymously. Other blogs like Techcrunch chose Facebook comments (a social plugin you can install on any blog) to get better quality posts in spite of SEO.

Today things are changing and these comments will allow these websites to gain visibility on Google Search.

The text part of Facebook comments will be considered by the robots. Bloggers must also exercise a moderation so that the contents are not damaging the reputation of the blog or its SEO (spam, comments without interest, etc.).

Of course, all comments modules AJAX/JS are concerned.

Facebook is becoming increasingly essential for blogs that want to generate qualitative feedbacks and get a positive referral. It’s a real step forward for the development of this system.