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Google reveals its social network: Google+

Google has released its social network a few days ago. Having missed the boat a few years, Facebook has had time to get ahead, but Google looks forward to catch up in this market.

The site is currently limited to individuals but businesses profiles should not take long to emerge given the increasing demand.

The interface:

Google has used the release of her social network to implement its new graphic chart to all of its services (Search, Calendar, Maps, Mail, etc.). Google+ interface is of course simplistic allowing an easy handling and an easy navigation. Google+ centralize some of its existing services such as Picasa for photo albums or Gtalk for instant messaging and is also enhanced with original features.

The Circles:

On Google +, you organize your contacts in circles. For example you can add people in a friend circle, a family one or a work one. You can even create new circles and call them as you wish. Your contacts are informed that you added in a circle but can not know what circle it is. When you share a content, you can choose to share it to all of your circles, extented circles (the circles of people you have in your circles), choose one determined circles or to anyone (public content).


You want to receive information about a center of interest without having to search? Sparkles were created with this goal. This is research you save on Google+, then Google takes care to send you relevant information using a different algorithm than the one of its search engine. The information comes directly to you and can feed your discussions with your contacts using the sharing feature.


This is the videocalling system of Google+. You can chat live with a maximum of 10 people using this feature. You can invite one person using an e-mailof invite a whole circle. You’ll also be able to share a video from Youtube and watch it together with all the hangout participants.

An Android application is already available on the Market and the iPhone app should be released soon.

Will Google+ be a success?

Google+ has many advantages, for sure. However, it comes very late in a market that Facebook controls for years. If the techies are very easy to catch, it will probably not be the same for teenagers who grew up sharing their lives, their moods, their photos on Facebook.

To conclude:

All users who tested Google +, including Kontest, agree that the new social network was able to offer the best features from Facebook and Twitter. The circle system is an idea taken from Twitter since you can follow the someone without a mandatory follow back that person.
The circles take up the principle of lists of Facebook by providing ergonomic improvements. Without being revolutionary, this feature allows to share a content to a target circles. In theory, personal and professional life can coexist on Google+.