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How to increase the number of your fans on your Facebook page?

Page fan Facebook[box_info]Tip: Share your page with shortened Facebook URLs.
Ex :[/box_info]

Entertain the fans you already have

First, it is important to make your page lively and interactive by updating it regularly. Encourage your fans to join the discussion,to answer your articles or simply to « Like » them. When there is interaction, it will appear in the news feed of the person in question. It is an effective way to attract this fan’s friends.

It may also be worthwhile to organize regular events with fans: special discounts, parties … or contests! 😀 It is a very effective way to enliven the community. People love contests and it is easy to catch their attention through entertainment. Fans will not hesitate to talk about your contest or to recommend your page.

Promote your fan page

You already have a website or a blog? Install a Facebook widget. Pick your fans up where they already are: on your site. You can also add a link to your Facebook page from your email signature, at the end of your newsletter or – even better – in your email confirmation. A new prospect has just subscribed to your newsletter? Then show him your Facebook page!
Finally, remember your profiles on other social networks (Twitter, for example).

Make a nice landing page

As you may know, Facebook fan pages have multiple tabs. By default, the tab « Wall » will appear first. However, there is huge potential in custom tabs. For example, your new visitors can land on a contest tab, and click on « Like » to participate. This will encourage curious people to become fans of your page.