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New Facebook fan pages on march, 10.

Last mounth, Facebook announced the new features and the new layout of your Fan pages. You can now upgrade your pages in their new version by visiting this url:
Or you can wait for March, 10 and all Facebook fan pages will update automatically.

Good news! Kontest competitions currently underway or about to be launched are 100% compatible with this new version of Facebook.

New features

A new layout, a new organization of the tabs for navigation similar to your profile page, presence of a photo gallery… Announced in December, these new features are finally here!

Here is a summary of these features:

  • Notifications when your fans interact with your publications
  • Photo Gallery
  • Headline news
  • Ability to indicate that you like other pages and publish on other pages as your own page
  • Display a preview of your page and upgrade to the new version
  • etc.