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The Kontest tip of the week #1

In order to help you to manage your contests day by day, we decided to start a new category named “The Kontest tip of the week” on the blog.
We hope those tips will help you during the realisation of your contest, but also in the development of your social media marketing strategy.

Tip #1 : Communicate efficiently on your contest

You just launched your contest and you certainly hope a maximum of people will participate. Don’t hesitate to use every mean at your disposal to increase the amount of participation. The multi-channel is once again one of the most efficients technic allowing you to optimize your ROI.

Use your email database

YoYou already got an email database that you use for marketing purpose? It’s the perfect time to use it. Send a newsletter to your community to inform it about your contest.
On the one hand you will target people who are really interested by your brand and on the other hand you will be able to quailify them by matching up your existing base to the one generated by the contest.

Spread the word on your website

Your community has not systematically subscribed to your newsletter but perhaps visits your website. You can add an insert to invite your visitors to participate to your contest. You can also create a dedicated page and display it to make it inevitable.
If you have a blog, you can write a post explaining the reasons bringing you to hold a contest and thanking the participants to come. Don’t forget to speak about the prizes you offer and make it sound attractive.

User the power of the social network

In addition to the buzz that will be generated by the participations themselves, you can invite your fans and your followers on social networks. On Facebook, you can post a status to announce and remind regularly to you fans that your contest is online. Same thing on Twitter : invite your followers to enter your contest and to retweet your message (Studies show that asking for RT works!).

Make some advertisement

If you have a dedicated budget, you can buy spaces on websites or blogs visited by your target population. You can also advertise on Facebook with a redirection on your Fan page or the website where you contest is held. Don’t hesitate to read our post on the subject.
The detailed statistics of Kontest allow you to know what are the most efficient sources of traffic, to adapt your communication, and therefore control your return on investment.