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Tip #2: Your participants have a limited patience

It is really important to think like a participant when you are preparing a contest. In addition to the attractive aspects (theme of your contest, prizes, etc.) which are very important, it is also imperative to take into account the number of questions and their complexity, in order not to discourage your participants.

Questions :

For both quiz and surveys, participants are invited to answer some questions (about the brand, about themselves). If the interactivity is reinforced, don’t exaggerate the number of questions and their complexity. Experience has shown us that a quizz including between 3 and 5 question was perfect to get a maximum of participation. Faced with the difficulty, the reaction of the entrants is quite easily predictable. Some of them will hang up, when a majority will let down. Don’t forget that you can display some clues to help them, and compensate the difficulty of the questions. Your clues can link to your website and make the participants looking for informations from your company without even knowing it.

Participation form

In the same way that for questions, be careful not to overcharge the participation form. Obtaining a qualified database is very important (often the major objective), but you will discourage your participants if your form is too long, or looks too inquisitive. Ask mainly shorts questions, and why not a long one. Be also careful to the construction of the questions of a private nature.

Our other tips :
Tip #1 : Communicate efficiently on your contest

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