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5 creative examples of Vine contests

Created about 2 years ago, Vine – the video application acquired by Twitter – is getting bigger everyday :

  • more than 40 millions of users
  • 5 Vines are shared every second on Twitter


(Sources : Vine Août 2013 and Infographic TAMBA)

5 exemple vine concours

Brands are going to be using Vine more and more

Why? Those Vines are shared 4 times more than similar videos on usual social networks. The 6 seconds limitation on Vine incentivize creativity and innovation. Brands benefit from the power of Vine’s network, and also of Twitter and Facebook’s -where the videos are mostly published. Vine is also a good way to reach early adopters.

Some brands use Vine to create promotional ads and to communicate about their products or solutions in an original way. Calvin Klein has launched a Vine campaign only a week after the app release.

Some other brands try to connect with their community through creative challenges. Take a look at these 5 contests using Vine technology.

1 / « Les petites histoires » by La Redoute

La Redoute claims to be the first brand to team up with Vine for a contest campaign in France. The brand has launched a contest called « les petites histoires »(the little stories) in partnership with Daily ELLE. Their idea was simple : entrants had to film their favourite object in a Vine and post it with the hashtag #lespetiteshistoires. They had a chance to win decorative objects exposed in the TV spots.

La Redoute also produced TV spots to promote this campaign

La Redoute chose a simple theme to allow everyone to participate. With this game, the brand has paved the way to many other creative contests


2 / The Tribeca #6SECFILMS

Entertainment companies are also present on Vine. In 2013, the Tribeca film festival organized a 6 seconds movie contest in partnership with Vine.

What is better than a Vine to produce your first movie ? To participate and try to win $600 (so $100 the second!), users should post a Vine with the hashtag #6SECFILMS. The jury, composed by leading figures of cinema as Adam Goldberg or Penny Marshall, was in charge of choosing the winners in each categories #DRAMA #COMEDY #GENRE #ANIMATION. The effect was immediate: the contest was such a success that they did it again a year later! In 2014, more than 500 Vine users have entered the contest.

One of the 2014 winners @YellDesign for his video « The Wrap Dancer »:


3 / Tagada invented Air pony

Tagada, a candy sold by Haribo, also tested Vine with its Air Pony project. A funny operation that sticks perfectly with their image.

What is AirPony? FCINQ Agency created this quirky concept that needs Vine or Instagram. You will understand better with this little video:

This operation was launched in every TAGADA social network and on a promotional website created for the occasion: Candy’s fan have the possibility to share their videos generated from Vine and Instagram through Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #Airponey + #TAGADA. Tagada offered prizes that really stuck with the theme : the first prize was a country holiday to ride a (real) pony.

The campaign was a great success: hundreds of funny videos have quickly invaded their social media. An operation that was cost effective for the brand.


4 / Romantics Vine of Cavendish Hotels

Cavendish hotels have launched in February 2013 a special Valentine’s Day contest. They have asked their fans to create the best #ValentineVine, the most romantic video won a week-end for two in a Cavendish Hotel. Using an innovative tool like Vine during this period was very smart . The winner had made a really creative video:


5 / Disney and the magic Vines

Disney Parks have asked their fans to show their « Disney side ». Everyday a new Vine won $1.000 and the big winner won a stay at Disney Parks + $10.000 to create a Vine Disney campaign. Vine allows the creation of incredible videos with the minimum of expenses, it was the perfect tool to re-invent Disney’s magic. Fans have become real ambassadors of the brand.

And you, have you thought of creating a Vine or an Instagram contest?