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6 new promotion and game apps available on Kontestapp

During the last few months, one number has particularly caught our attention: Over 70 Percent of companies will use game apps in their strategies by 2014 (Gartner).

So, we asked ourselves: why are you more and more to use game apps to connect with your audience? The answer is simple: everybody plays at any time.

Everybody Plays

6 New promotion apps

Game players represent a large part of the population and some of your fans are inevitably game players. 7 out of 10 people have play a game at least once, regardless their age: 83% of game players are 18+ years old and the average age is 35. There are more and more game players among the 35-49 and their number has doubled among the 50+. Gender are almost equally represented: 52% of players are women.

The second criteria is your goal. You can do anything with games: improve internal work processes, improve the user experience of your product or service and encourage them to adopt a certain behavior. And these are just a few examples.

Regarding your target audience, your goals ad you budget, your choice will be either a video game, a serious game (for training or humanitarian organization), a social game (the player can play with friends on social networks), advergaming (interactive ads) and, of course, promotion and contest apps.

That’s where Kontestapp comes into play! (Got it?)

6 new promotion apps available now

Promotion apps are based on simple mecanics and combine different goals such as the development of your fanbase, the animation of your audience and the qualification of potential or acquired customers.

In October 2012, we released Kontest V2 with a brand new design, a nice user experience, a bunch of optimizations and awesome new features (Live Preview, Media Loader, Social CRM, DataViz) for promotion organizers.

We use your feedbacks to build this version and the only one we did not include was the asking for more promotion apps on the platform.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we double the number of our applications. We now have 12 awesome game apps available on Kontest!

  • Mystery Word : The entrant use a clue to guess the mystery word and enter the sweepstake.
  • Personality Test : Children love that kind of game! Entrants just need to answer all the questions to get a definition of their personnality
  • Knowledge Test : Entrants answer the questions and get their score at the end of the game.
  • Whack-a-Mole : A fun skill game where you need to hit the animated object as many times as recquired.
  • The Price is Right : Everybody knows that game ! Entrants try to guess the price of the products they could win.
  • Treasure Hunt : The Social Mobile Local game! Entrants must go the places you want to answer the questions correctly.

contest apps facebook

Learn more about the new Kontest promotion apps »

Game players are everywhere, that’s why all our apps can be installed on a Facebook page or on your website. Their also are mobiles and tablets friendly, so that you can engage with your fans anywhere at anytime.

We are looking forward to having your feedbacks and are pleased to say that more apps are in the pipes. They will be released in the following weeks. Stay tuned! 😉