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App of the month : the Scratchcard Game

This summer, you will scratch…

Not because of mosquito bites… But because of the app of the month: the Scratchcard Game!

The scratchcard game

If you are looking for a simple and funny game to animate your community during summer, we are releasing this July the Scratchcard Game.

This improved version of the Instant Win will enable you to add some interactivity to your games. With this simple game play mechanic you will be able to collect relevant data to use within your future marketing campaigns.

jeu de grattage exemple application

Find more about the Scratchcard Game »


A game at your image

The Scratchcard game will allow you to :

  • take advantage of the multichannel feature to offer a funny and interactive game experience to your audience.

  • use your creativity by entirely customizing your game: the background, the overlay and the coin picture!

  • surprise your audience by hiding prizes behind the picture to scratch.

  • create a game that looks like you : choose themes and textures that reflect your brand image. If you work for cosmetics, such as in the exemple above, you could ask users to remove the make up to find out whether they are winning or loosing.

    This summer, why don’t you ask your fans to dig up treasures hidden under the beach sand for exemple?

  • determine your winning times for each prize and generate some traffic in your stores during these time frames.
    Learn more about winning times »

It’s your turn to create your own Scratchcard game!