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New application : the Instagram contest!

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Instagram, it’s 150 millions of users per month in the world and nearly 55 millions photos shared everyday (sept. 2013). According to the Global Web Index Report of January 2014, Instagram’s growth is faster than Facebook and Twitter. Its success is due to the nature of the content: capturing, leveraging and sharing the beauty of the moment through photos and videos with the ability to add filters.

Brands begin to have a presence on Instagram and they don’t hesitate to use this network to affirm their visual identity. Nevertheless, most of them keep on using Instagram as a simple display case…

The Instagram Contest

instagramThis contest links the Instagram network power to the functionalities of the classic Photo contest. It will enable you to animate your audience on Instagram, but also on the other networks thanks to the multichannel function (Facebook, web and mobile devices).

How does it works?

  • The entrants must connect to their Instagram account to play. You can choose the participation mode: photo upload, video upload or both. If you have a consistent number of followers on Instagram, don’t hesitate to promote your game on your account. This application could enable you to transform these followers into qualified contacts. You will then have the possibility to get in touch with them via emailing campaigns or targeted advertising.

  • In the Instagram contest, as in the Twitter game, you can use a key hashtag, that you can make mandatory or not, to use. If it is mandatory, only the images with the key hashtag would be displayed. Choose wisely your hashtag to take a full advantage of the viral potential of Instagram.

  • You will then have to choose how to pick the winners: audience vote or jury choice.

Summer is coming! Why don’t you propose to your clients an Instagram contest of the best holiday picture? Or create a contest of the best soccer goal video to celebrate the World Cup ?

Mother’s day is a great opportunity for you to test the Instagram Contest. Try our Mother’s Day Contest now (demo)!

Instagram contest mother's day

Test our Instagram Contest »


To know more about the Instagram Contest, don’t hesitate to go on our Help page.

See you next month for another new app!