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The application of the month: the Twitter Game

It is not easy to use Twitter to its fullest potential. We gave you in a former post tips to be influent on Twitter – I hope that it was useful !

Manage a brand account on Twitter, means set up a real communication strategy.

According to the Social Media Today 2010, Twitter users are 3 times more followers of brands than in Facebook’s. They follow them essentially for :

  1. Knowing new promotions
  2. Participate in contests
  3. For the brand content
  4. For the client support

Build a game on Twitter will enable you to answer to a real demand from your clients and followers. You will also have the possibility, depending on the virality of the game, to get more visibility, to obtain new followers and thus potential clients.

Maybe you have tried to create a contest on your own? If you have, you may certainly ask yourself some of these following questions…

  • How to be sure that the entrants will sistematically follow your brand?
  • How to avoid that entrants do some multiple tweets so your game could be considered as a spam?
  • How to get a qualified data base at the end of the game?
  • Twitter Game: how does it works ?

    There are 3 types of Twitter Game:

    twitter tirage au sort

    Twitter Game Sweepstake

    Twitter Instant Gagnant

    Twitter Game Instant Win

    Twitter Quiz

    Twitter Game Quizz

    To participate, the user has to tweet or retweet a post with the hashtag « key ». The installation of the app on your Facebook page will help you to multiply the entries points with your customers.

    Jeu Twitter

    With the activation of the follow required button you could directly have an effect on the acquisition of new followers.

    Jeu Twitter Follow

    Why should you use a dedicated app?

    The Twitter Game will act on your Twitter’s performance.

  • Choose a catchy hashtag, not too complicated and that makes people want to discover your game. This hashtag may figure in the next Trends Topics, who knows? We can be certain that your game, and your brand, will become more visible on Twitter thanks to this hashtag and the virality of this platform.

  • Brands consider Twitter as an acquisiton leverage of new customers. Twitter app and its option « follow required » will actually act on your number of followers. If your audience is on Facebook, you could add your game on a tab of your page and thus make it mandatory to « Like » your page to participate. Your global fan number (facebook + twitter) will grow more and more at every participation. These fans are also potential customers.

  • In comparision of a game without an app on Twitter, the Twitter Game has the advantage to let you obtain detailed stats and the draw is easier to make: you will not have twice the same entrants, you will automatically receive the datas. It could be very useful when you need a qualified database (name, surname, mail, etc.) for your e-mailing or for the creation of targeted campaigns.

  • Virality of the Twitter Game

    schema jeu twitter

    With the Twitter Game your brand will be more visible, you will engage and retain your community. An advice: don’t forget to communicate about your game. If you are a US, UK, Canadian or Irish company, don’t hesitate to invest in sponsored tweets to launch your game.

    For more informations about how to create a Twitter Game, go to our Help page.

    You have now all the cards to create your own Twitter Game

    »Try our (sample) My Jim Rocket Twitter Game!