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3 Calendar Applications for Christmas!

We would like to present you 3 new applications to get your website or your Facebook Fan Page ready for christmas. Whether as an Advent calendar or a Countdown for the launch of a new product : This application is the perfect choice to grow and engage your fanbase and to create customer loyalty by rewarding your community every day!

Calendar application for facebook fan page

This application works exactly like the usual advent calendar. The entrants can open a window of the calendar every day and enter your contest.
Kontest offers 3 different types of calendars: Sweepstake, Instant Win and finally Quiz.

Sweepstake – Calendar app

sweepstake calendar application for facebook Your customers would be able to open a window every day and fill in a form in order to win a prize. The winners are drawn with a simple sweepstake.

Test the Sweepstake – Calender app Now »

Instant Win – Calendar app

facebook calendar app instant winThe participants of this Calendar App can immediately find out if they have won! After filling in the entry form, a message saying “you have won” or “you have lost” appears. You can personalize the message and choose how many winners shall be drawn. Your customers can also open a window every day !

Test the Instant Win – Calendar app Now »

Quizz – Calendar app

calendrier facebook quizzBehind every calendar window of your application hides a quiz. The entrants have to answer all questions correctly to get a chance to win. To achieve a higher level of interactivity you can add pictures or music samples to your questions . Encourage your community with varied questions, so they will try their luck every day.

Test the Quizz – Calendar app Now »

Propose an easy application in a new and virtual way and target your audience with a customized layout and a personal message.

Which application would you like to see on the Kontest platform? We love to develop new and innovative ideas!