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Facebook Edgerank formula is changing

Even if the current EdgeRank formula is known by all good Community Manager, there are still questions (and mysteries) about how Facebook News Feed works and how updates appearance is managed.

The News Feed algorithm responds to signals such as:

  • The frequency of your interactions with friends, Pages, or public figures who posted
  • The number of interactions (Likes, Shares, Comments) on posts, by your friends or by anyone on Facebook
  • The number of interactions (Likes, Shares, Comments) by you on this kind of posts in the past
  • The fact that you chose or anyone on Facebook chose to hide or report a specific post

Edge rank formula

Facebook decided to give more information about the News Feed in their new « Facebook for business » section and published a first post about a new change.

A user may have an average 1500 stories to read during a visit on Facebook and sometimes they don’t scroll enough in the News Feed to see every one of them. Now posts that they did not scroll down far enough to see can reappear at the top of News Feed if they are still getting lots of likes and comments.

Facebook Newsfeed change

After a few tests, results were conclusive for the social network:

  • An increase of 5% of the number of Likes, Shares and Comments on friends posts and an increase of 8% for pages updates.
  • The proportion of posts seen by a user was raised from 57% to 70%. There are less and less unseen posts.

Your stories will get more reach and, as a matter of fact, your engagement rate will be improved by this new change.

It is applied for every user on Facebook starting today and we are waiting to see more changes for the News Feed in the upcoming months.

So what do you think of this new « EdgeRank » formula?