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5 Facebook Timeline applications to use in addition of Kontest promotions

On Facebook, it’s pretty important to offer regular entertainment to your fanbase. These animations are in fact Facebook applications that everyone can see just by clicking on tabs on your fanpage. They can also take the form of specific operations such as Facebook competitions or contests that you need to promote regularly in order to gather entries.

We selected a set of Facebook apps, easy to install on your timeline. A tab will appear on your fanpage allowing your community to use these them easily.


The Statigram application brings together all your picture taken with Instagram in a dedicated tab of your Facebook page.

Photo Instagram Facebook


Display your Pinterest profile and your content on your Facebook fanpage.

Display Pinterest  Facebook

Youtube Tab

The video is a very popular media on social networks. Thanks to Youtube Tab, all of your YouTube videos can be viewed easily by the fans of your Facebook page.

Youtube Video fanpage Facebook

Job Cast

JobCast is a free application that lets you add a « recruitment » tab to your Facebook page.

Recruit on Facebook


The Livestream application allows your Facebook community to access your live video directly on your fan page.

Live video fanpage Facebook

This list is not exhaustive, there is a lot of awesome Facebook applications that can help you optimize your fanpage. And of course, for all your promotions on Facebook, you can use Kontest: it allows you to entertain your fanbase with great quizzes, sweepstakes and photo contests!