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4 new CSS themes available for Free in Kontest Live Preview

Live Preview is Kontest graphic customization feature. It allows you to design your contest or promotion app in live and try every version of it: Facebook, web, mobile and tablet.
In the Live Preview, you can also customize the CSS of your Premium contest application. Until today we provided you a unique theme to begin with: Sky.

To make your campaigns beautiful either they are part of the Start, Standard or Premium plan, we now provide you 4 new CSS themes. They are entirely customizable thanks to the editor of the Live Preview. Now you are able give a real personality to your contest applications, without the need for technical knowledge.

The 4 new CSS themes are:


facebook contest app custom design


facebook contest app custom design


facebook contest app custom design

Dark Blue

facebook contest app custom design

Would you like to see other CSS themes like these in Kontest Live Preview?