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How to clear the cache of your browser

When you are on the web, your brower keep in memory the graphic elements of the websites your visit and the apps you use. That is called cache. It helps your brower to load them more quickly during your next visits.

For example, when you create a contest app, you need to change its design several times in a row until it matches perfectly what you expect. You browser will keep it in cache, and sometimes, you will not be able to see the changes immediately.

In this video, we explein how to clear your browser’s cache for you to see the changes you make in your apps design.

To clear any browser’s cache, you can use this cool keyboard shortcut:

  • Windows : Ctrl + Shift + Del
  • Mac : Cmd + Shift + Backspace

Then you just need to tick « Clear the cache » and choose « from the beginning ». After a few seconds, you have to refresh your page or app using F5 to see all the changes you just made.

Easy, isn’t it?