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How to create a successful quiz app

Using an app for your quiz is a really good way to start engaging with your fanbase, on Facebook or elsewhere (blog, website, mobile application). There are some good practices to follow if you want your brand to shine through your quiz or make sour That Will Get your hearing your message.

Quiz Facebook Millesima

1) Don’t ask too many questions

Between a visit on your quiz app and an entrant registration, there is only one stair. Don’t make it a stairway. Your quiz must recquire just a few seconds to be completed. Entrants attention is volatile, so take care not to bother them with too many (or too difficult) questions : ask 3-5 questions with easy to find (or obvious) answers.

2) Ask questions about your activity

Be consistent with your business. If you sell wine, why ask questions about the history of surfing? To make entrants remember you, do not mix the signals and stay focused on a single theme. Nothing prevents you from asking questions about your brand, its history, its values, its culture, its activity, its products or services.

3) Give hints

A picture will illustrate your question. Better yet, a (not too long) video will make your application more dynamic and engaging. Result: your message spreads better. Your can consider music too, participants test their culture and it is now very easy to add music samples to a quiz thanks to Deezer. Kontestapp allows you to add all this content into your quiz apps.

A hint as a link will allow you to generate visits on your website. Participants will look for the answers and learn more about you and what you do.

To conclude there are 3 points to remember: simplicity, consistency and dynamism. Test your campaign and analyze what works with your fans and what doesn’t. After all, you have a lot to learn from her.

Do you have tips about quiz apps? share them with us!