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4 Facebook features you need to know about

You probably know that Facebook is updated quite often with new features. It can be difficult to keep track of all these changes, that’s why we decided to help you with 3 new Facebook features that you absolutely must know!

1) Hashtags

Very well-known on Twitter, hashtags have freshly landed on Facebook. Hashtags allow you to provide context to your posts as clickable keywords. So if someone clicks on your hashtag or do a search on it, they will find all of the public posts including it. In addition, users will see related hashtags that will allow them to see public updates containing alternative keywords.

Hashtags can be very useful especially when organizing an event or promoting a game or a marketing campaign. Be sure to use only one or two hashtags to avoid confusion among users.

Facebook hashtag

2) Graph Search

The Graph Search is Facebook new search engine. Since July 2013, it is available on all users accounts and allows them to find people, pages, events but also filter results by adding links between these elements. For example, a user can request to see a list of people who love a particular page or people who watched a particular film.

Facebook Graph Search

3) Changing link thumbnails in updates

When you post a link on Facebook, the social network automatically displays a thumbnail image which is tagged in the Open Graph of the original page. Before, you didn’t have to choice of which picture was displayed as a thumbnail but today you can include the picture you want thanks to a tiny link that appears below the preview of your post. So you can upload more relevant and eye-catching picture on the link you publish on your fanpage!

How to change thumbnail link images on Facebook

4) Embeddable Posts

Embeddable Posts were created to generate more conversations. Specifically, it is the ability to embed Facebook posts (images, videos) in a blog or a news site. The operation is exactly the same as when you embed a Tweet or a video from Youtube in a blogpost. It is also possible to include hashtags in these publications (which must be public) to follow discussions on a particular topic.

Facebook Embeddable Posts

Enjoy these new features!