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Italy doesn’t play anymore

Since last May, Italy strongly reinforced its control about contests. Contrary to other european countries, italian authorities seems to be decided to inspect each contest launched in the country.
Even if the official rules has been registered in France, few international contest holders have been punished because of the non-respect of the local laws.


When you organize an international contest, you must comply with the laws in each entrant country . So you have three options to launch your contest :

  • Respect the laws and execute the necessary formalities
  • Exclude Italy from your contest
  • Not taking specials measures but risking sanctions

Procedure in Italy

If you want Italians to participate to your contest, you have to :

  • Hire an italian fiscal representative
  • 15 days before the launching of your contest, you must ask for an authorization at the Ministry of the economic development and register the  legal settlement.
  • Pay a guarantee equal to the value (excluding VAT) of the first gift of your contest.
  • Ask for a chamber of commerce officer who will control the setting of your contest, the end of the operation and the prize-giving.
  • Pay a fiscal taxation : 45% of the first gift value ( excluding VAT)
  • You can’t offer money, credit card, loyalty card, discount, or any gift which implies purchases for the winners
  • Servers must be on the italian territory
  • Winners have to testify to the prize-giving by writing a letter
  • If no winners is selected, you have to give the prize to a charity

Fees between 50 000 and 500 000€ are planned for those who will try to make Italians participate to their contest without hiring an italian usher.
If you really want to organize your contest including Italy, feel free to contact us !