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A brand new site for Kontest !

It seems that sunny days are coming. It is time to do some changes, and we have decided to start now at Kontest. Let me introduce you the brand new Kontest site !

Kontest Site EN

Our goal : we upgrade our site to put our last news in lights, make the user experience even more pleasant and to answer to all of your demands.

Detailed documentation for all the apps 

We announce in the homepage our 2014 resolution: to launch a new app every month !

We offer today no less than 19 apps! And for you to have a better understanding of these apps, we created a special page named APPS. We gather in it all of the app we developed. You just need to choose regarding your goals – to recruit, animate or engage – the game that suits you better.

Apps page

All the resources available for all

We now give everyone access to our ResourcesWhite Books, Case Studies, Graphics, Guides – plus all our games inspirations. No need to connect to consult all these tools that will help you create successful contests!

Inspiration page

An innovative state of mind represented by a Dream Team

Mantra Kontest EN

We found it essential to add a LABS page. This page gathers all the projects that we develop in parallel to our principal activity. You will see, innovation is a big part of Kontest’s life.

Labs page

All of this would not have been possible without a talented team ! Discover our universe in JOBS : modern working methods, an innovative workspace, Nerfs for every newbie…

Tempted ? Join our Dream Team Join now our Dream Team !

JOBS page

>> Take a tour now on our site!

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