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Kontest is in the marketing technology landscape 2014 !

It seems to be a really great beginning of the year for Kontest, we have just learned that we are in the Marketing Landscape 2014 graphic!


What is the marketing technology landscape?

The marketing technology landscape is THE representation of the diversity of marketing technology solutions around the world. This study has been recently published in the famous US blog Venture Beat. As its author said, Scott Brinker, CTO of Ion Interactive, this graphic is a sample of all the marketing softwares available in the world.

« It comes with one main caveat: this graphic is not comprehensive »

It gathers 947 companies. It has not been really easy to gather and categorize all these companies. Nevertheless, it is still incomplete: since its publishing, many other marketing companies has been created and evolve constantly, moving from one category to another…

At Kontest, we are proud to be part of this landscape in the « Marketing Apps » category. Besides, we have the honor to be the only French company in this category, that is tends to confirm the impact of our activity abroad. This category gathers softwares that will allow marketers to produce interactive content which will have an effect on the user engagement.


It is not the first version of the marketing landcape that Scott Brinker has released. His first version was in 2011 and counted only 100 companies. The second one, counted 350 companies. It is now the third version of the graphic. More structured, with three times more companies than in 2012, and where the companies are classified in 6 categories.

We are indeed very happy to be part of this landscape, and we are impressed by this tremendous work done by Scott Brinker!