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Check our new website!

Spring is here, sun is shining and birds are singing… perfect time to rework our pages !

A tiny makeover

You may have noticed, we have a brand new website. Visit and tell us if you like it!

To make it clear and simple we decided to keep only what’s important: we have a nice homepage where you can watch our video, a features page introduce our service in detail and a pricing page to discover our plans and subscriptions.

We really want you to understand the benefits of running promotions along the year and how simple is the Kontest platforme to use.

Examples to inspire you and resources to help you out

Since we Kontest is launched, we have created a handful of resources to help you running awesome Social Marketing campaign. As a matter of fact, we wrote several white papers and guides. We also created promotions with original mecanisms thanks to our own platform to show you how powerful it is.

All this content is in our Inspiration and Resources pages just made new. They are available inside Kontest platform, you just need to login or to sign up in order to access them. You will be able to try several original promotions and download our white papers and guides. More is to come in this rubric.

Want more?

We also have a few surprises to come concerning the promotion-building platform, we will inform you as soon as possible about it.

Don’t forget that you can contact us is you have any question or feedback about Kontest or just to tell us about your passion for cooking. 😉