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Kontest becomes a major player in Data Collection

Kontest Bime
As part of a major update of our marketing application platform, we announced today a partnership with Bime Analytics. With this change, Kontest becomes the first Data Collection Platform (DCP) in the market.

A new mission: Organizing customer insight

After 5 years of operation, with a first funding round in 2014 and a strategic partnership with Hootsuite that same year, Kontest is embarking on a new phase as it expands into the data collection market. Until now, Kontest was positioned as the developer of a platform for creating and distributing multichannel marketing promotions. Since Kontest was launched, its clients have converted 13 million users into qualified leads through its platform.

Today, the company announced a strategic partnership with the Bime Analytics solution. This alliance with a French Business Intelligence leader allows Kontest and its platform to cross the bridge into Data Marketing.


Through this partnership, Kontest acquires the Audience Dashboard, a new tool that is now included in its new « Enterprise » plan, announced today. This dashboard collects a significant amount of valuable information, allowing users of Kontest marketing applications to organize and act on their customer insights in order to better manage their digital strategy throughout the year.

In addition, the Kontest interface now displays useful key indicators, such as average exposure time per game, changes in engagement rates from one campaign to another, and identification of influencers.

This project is the culmination of three years of collaboration between Laura Duhommet, Chief Data Officer at Kontest, and Nicolas Dugué, who holds a doctorate in theoretical computer science and specializes in social network studies.

Kontest becomes a Data Collection Platform

Many features have been added to Kontest’s existing technology in order to create the first platform dedicated to personal data collection, the « Data Collection Platform » (DCP).


This solution complements the Data Management Platform (DMP), which advertisers already use extensively to manage data processing in Real-time Bidding (RTB). Kontest has created a new technological resource that sits upstream of the whole system. The platform will now provide support to marketing teams in their community animation, engagement and loyalizing activities, while enabling an intelligent use of personal data.

New features

Supports 400 Zapier APIs

Kontest is now compatible with Zapier, the most popular Marketing Automation platform on the market. This new feature will save Enterprise plan subscribers a lot of time. They’ll be able to easily link their promotional applications to their existing tools. There are about 400 apps using Zapier, including Mailchimp, Google Apps, Salesforce, Zendesk and Slack, and using all of them just got a lot easier. For example, by connecting Kontest to Mailchimp, you can now automatically add new entrants to a Mailchimp list.


Conversion tracker

Being able to measure the ROI on promotions is essential for us. Before, if you didn’t have the right tool or technical knowledge, it was very hard to know the number of actual conversions you had through the app. That’s why we created the « Conversion tracker. » It’s a simple tag linked to your promotional app that you can paste into the code of certain strategic pages of your website. This tag will grab relevant information about the conversion rate on your site as a result of the promotion, including visits, subscriptions and sales. If you paste this code into the payment validation page of your e-commerce site, for example, you’ll be able to measure the exact number of customers acquired through the app.


Overlay on site

We have created a brand new way to present our applications, the Overlay on site. This new incentive feature automatically tracks users who abandon the application. This will help increase the retention rate on your site and the conversion of visitors into qualified leads. It’s easy to install and, as with the Conversion tracker, all you have to do is paste a simple chunk of code on the page where you want the promotion to appear.

overlay jeux kontest

We have added these three capabilities and some other key features as part of the DCP:

  • Support for tracking tags for Google Adwords, Facebook/Twitter Ads, etc.
  • Adherence to market standards for DMP solutions
  • Kontest Guard and Google ReCaptcha to prevent spam
  • SSL protocol to ensure data is encrypted and secure

  • Avatar_sylvain
    “From 2014, we made the decision to network with the most powerful tools in the market. It was obvious that we should combine our expertise with Bime Analytics as our approach and culture were complementary. This collaboration brings our customers into a new era, the data control era.” Sylvain WEBER, co-founder and CEO, Kontest


    “The value proposition of technology combos orchestrated by Kontest is very powerful for digital advertisers and players. Our mission at BIME Analytics is to facilitate the integration of the Business Intelligence brick, which becomes more simple and modern for the end user. We are delighted to be part of the promising strategy of Data Marketing lead by Kontest. » Rachel Delacour, co-founder and CEO, Bime

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