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The Music Quiz by Kontest in partnership with

Music quiz

We are proud to announce a brand new kind of promotion on Kontest:

Introducing the Music Quiz by Kontest.

Available now in the Gold plan

Kontest official partner of Deezer

DeezerDeezer, one of the biggest platform in the music streaming market, has opened its API to the world. We jumped at the chance to include it in a whole new kind of sweepstake: the Music Quiz. Kontest has become official partner of the music platform: during several weeks, we worked hand in hand with Deezer’s teams in order to use the catalog of over 15 million tracks within the promotions.

Always that simple

Creating a Music Quiz is very easy : each question in your quiz comes with a 30 seconds sample of the title you want. Type the name of a tune in the search engine and Kontest will automatically display a list of sample you can add to your blindtest. No worries about copyrights, everything is managed by Deezer !

Music maestro !

Entrants can try to guess the title of a couple of songs, what album they come from or in which movie they are used. The number of possibilities is huge. With the Music Quiz you entertain your community by calling on people’s musical sensitivity.
What better way to engage with your fanbase?

To see how it works, just try our TV Shows Music Quiz:

Allegro presto

To create your own Music Quiz, log into the Kontest platform and have fun: it’s fast and easy as usual! The Music Quiz is available in the Gold plan and is 100% compatible with iPhone and iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, any Facebook Fan page or any website thanks to the last HTML5 web standards.