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Some good news to start the summer


It’s nice and warm, we all enjoy the first days of summer… It’s the perfect time to make some improvements on the Kontest platform! A few weeks ago, we launched a new version of our showcase website, aiming to improve your navigation. Today, we present you major changes on the admin interface: brand new design, new features and more support at each stage.


A more ergonomic and intuitive interface

At Kontest, we’re listening to your feedback and are always striving to be better and meet our customers needs. We changed the ergonomic design of the admin page with a sleek and clear design to enhance your comfort during the creation and management of your contests.

new kontest admin

Also, we upgraded the interface with « Tips » to guide you throughout the creation of your game and redirect you, if needed, to our Help Center. For an even faster display of parameters and statistics of your game, we optimized the speed of loading pages.

Take a look at our new interface »

New features

Here is a non-exhaustive list of new features:

White labeled statistics, to share with your coworkers and clients

You will now be able to share your stats with your collaborators using a dedicated URL: white label share stats

Choosing dates for your Instant Win

Now, when using the Instant Win app, you will be able to choose dates and times for each win. You can use this feature if you are a shop owner for instance and want to choose the winning dates of your prizes to generate traffic to your shop.

prize instant win

Adding an image when the results are displayed

personality test results

You can offer a better brand experience to your customers : you will be able to associate images with the results of our Personality Test and Knowledge Test.

Those features will help you to effectively create more personalized and engaging contests to animate your community throughout the summer.