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New plans now available at Kontest

As you know, we like to constantly improve our platform. We keep our promise to launch a new app every month, and we create resources to help you grow your business. With the Sales season coming, it’s arriving just in time! We have lowered the prices so you can afford to create the promotional application which will match your needs.

You will find a transparent and comprehensible model with a fixed price, that can be adjusted to meet the needs of your campaign no matter how many fans or entrants you have. No strings attached so you can plan your marketing strategy as you wish all year long.

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Standard Plan

The Standard plan is now at 49$ + 9$ per day. We lowered this price so that all of you can afford the standard features of our platform. You will have access to a large range of promotional applications. You now have the possibility to customize the text, the design and the url of your app. And you can also offer a real brand experience to your customers with the possibility to add rich media to your questions and/or prizes. The mandatory fan gate on your Facebook application will allow you to get more fans.

Premium Plan

It is time to test our Premium offer. With only 99$ + 29$ per day, you will have access to our 24 applications and all their features: white label, customized optin, social sharing, form, design and CSS. You can monitor in real-time the performance of your application thanks to 30 KPIs.

We have developed a new feature: the mandatory fan gate on mobile devices. A necessary feature to optimize your marketing campaign in all channels.

We apply these new prices from now on to all new promotions.

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