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7 official rules to run a successful Pinterest Contest

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Pinterest is :



  • 70 millions of users
  • about 5 millions of pins everyday
  • 80% of users are women
  • 500 000 brand’s accounts
  • about 14.2 min spent on each visit



Sources: 2013,

Pinterest is a place full of inspiration for all users and a self-service window for brands. On Pinterest, the most important is the visual content! Brands have to take care of the presentation of their products/services to generate pins and repins.

How to interact with your audience on Pinterest?

Express your interest

Showing great pictures is essential, but it is not enough. To create engagement with your brand you have to interact with your audience. You could easily do it by liking, posting a comment, pining or repining targeted user content. They will see how interested you are and they will go see your board to pin in return their favourite content. It’s a win-win!

Try the Pinterest Contest

You also could launch a Pinterest Contest: try the new Kontest app, the Pinterest contest.
Ask your audience to participate by submitting their favourite pin and choose a vote system to determine the winner.

During the Fashion Week ask your audience to pin looks of the next season!

Try our fake contest Pin your style »example pinterest contest

Or celebrate the gastronomy – on September the 26, 27 and 28 in France – by opening a Pinterest Contest of the best culinary pic!
example pinterest contest 2

Warning! You have to follow all Pinterest guidelines…

Pinterest promotion guidelines

You can’t create a Pinterest contest without reading first the Pinterest Guidelines for promotion. There are a lot of rules that you have to follow to avoid Pinterest sanctions.


  • To start, be careful not to suggest that Pinterest endorse or is the sponsor of your contest. As on Facebook, you are responsible for the rules, terms and conditions of your promotion.




  • You can’t ask your entrants to pin contents from a board, a brand, a site or a specific selection: they are free to pin the content of their choice. Nevertheless, you can guide their selection by picking a precise theme. Gathering pins from multiple sources is what makes Pinterest so interesting.




  • It is strictly forbidden to ask your entrants to pin your contest rules to participate. These are considered spammy content.




  • You can’t run a sweepstake where each pin, board, like or follow represents an entry. Pinterest wants to prevent spammy behaviors. Choose a simple mechanism to make it easy for people to participate.




  • You can’t consider comments as entries and it is also forbidden to vote with a pin, a board or a Pinterest Like. Once again, Pinterest considers this action to be spammy.




  • Don’t ask your entrants to post a minimum number of Pins: one is enough!




  • To finish, you can’t name your promotion « Pin it to win it ».


Once all these rules respected, you are finally ready to create your first Pinterest contest. Let’s go!

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