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Redesign of the Kontest admin homepage

We just updated to update the home page of the Kontest platform. Now your fanpages are listed as a mosaic: simply click on one of them to see the competition that you have created.

Page admin Kontest

To create a new contest, you have several options: you can click on « Create a contest » at the top of the page or in the last square of the mosaic or visit one of your page and « Add a contest » for this in particular page.

The column on the right lists the last posts of our blog so you do not miss any information about Kontest. You can also visit our « Examples » page to get inspired by the creations of our users and customers.

We also improved the overall speed of the platform: loadings will be smoother and faster from now.

Connect to the Kontest admin to have a look!

This update allows us to give you more visibility when managing your competition, and to improve your experience as a user of Kontest. Another update, with more features, is scheduled for later this month. Stay tuned!