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Send private messages to your fans on Facebook

As a fanpage administrator on Facebook, you could send « updates » to your community. These messages were sent in the users inbox with a limited visibility and were often seen like spam.

This feature disappeared in favor of a new approach: it is not possible to massively send messages to the fans, however, you can very well contact them individually. The sent messages will be directly visible in the users inbox like a message from user to user.

The users are notified of the reception and if they reply, you too will be notified as a fanpage administrator. A user can also send you a message if you choose to enable this feature in the page settings.

Directly contact your fans will let you:

  • Answer questions from users in private
  • Thank and reward the most loyal fans
  • Manage a crisis situation by inviting a fan to chat in private rather than writing posts in public
  • Maintain a personal relationship in one channel (it remains on Facebook, you avoid the installation of an email contact form)

Of course, this feature was not created to send messages to all your fans in order to sell your product. Use it to manage your one-to-one marketing in a better way on the social network!