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The Skill Game : the new fun and addictive game perfect for Christmas

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An innovative game

We are launching this month a brand new game perfect for campaigns the Holidays season : the Skill Game.

The principle is very simple: the participant must hit the target with a shot -you choose how many times it should be done -while avoiding a moving obstacle in order to participate in a draw.

This original game is guaranteed to amuse young and old alike. The participant is challenged and must pay attention to the accuracy of their shots, reach the minimum number of shots and avoid the obstacle which he must anticipate all movements. Totally immersed in the world created by your brand, entrants will enjoy this game and have fun. With this new advergame, brands are able to give their fans an unique experience, more interactive and less intrusive than a traditional advertising campaign or emailing.

To access the draw, the player meet a challenge : to reach the number of shots required to be qualified. The presence of an obstacle makes the game even more addictive! It is possible to change the visual of the game while it is online. The game can evolve over time in terms of the visual environment but also to levels of difficulty.

This kind of game can also become viral since it can be shared via social networks or email.

Totally customizable

With this game, the possibilities in terms of customization are endless for brands. It is therefore possible to integrate visual elements of a communication campaign predefined or to imagine a game in accordance with the season (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter …).

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The presence or absence of the moving obstacle is configurable, as well as the weight and speed of the projectile. Both elements will make it possible to vary the level of difficulty of the game. They also help to ensure greater realism in staging the game.

This type of game is timely, what better than a fun game to celebrate Christmas ?

Here is an example of very fun game designed specifically for the holiday season at: the goal is to help Santa to distribute gifts in the chimneys while avoiding the evil leprechaun.

Play « Santa Delivery » Skill Game

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For all occasions, a Skill Game will provide an unique and fun communication. Give it a try now !

Try the Skill Game