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What is Kontest: 1 minute to know everything about the service

To help you understand what Kontest is exactly, we made a short video to explain the service!

Lauching efficient marketing campaigns on social networks can be difficult to apprehend especially when you don’t have the right tools. Fortunately, Kontest is here to help you to build outstanding promotions and spread them on Facebook, the web and mobile devices. It’s very easy and you don’t need any technical knowledge.

Thanks to this video, you will discover our philosophy and our strong desire to provide an easy and effective solution whether you look for more awareness or you want to increase your customer loyalty.

Good viewing !

Transcript : You are an agency, a large brand or a small business, your customers are everywhere and use all kinds of devices. But how to effectively reach them at all times?

With Kontest, create and spread multi-channel promotions.

Thanks to our automated platform, creating a promotion is a breeze: Edit your contest in a few steps, and customize it in a snap. Et voilà, your promotion is ready!

Spread it instantly on the channels of your choice Get a database of qualified contacts and track the performance of your campaign.

Awareness, engagement, conversion, retention ; Kontest allows you to be effective throughout your customer relationship.

Ensure an increasing return on investment for each of your campaigns. Besides, there’s no need for any technical knowledge. Have fun!

Try Kontest for free now.

Visit the Kontest platform to start creating your promotions (it’s free !).