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The Youtube Contest is now available !

Engage your community with the Youtube Contest

The Youtube Contest is the new video contest application created by Kontest. It uses the new Youtube API and host automatically the videos on its platform.


Animate your page and benefit from many advantages with this new Kontest app:

  • The Youtube Contest will allow you to raise the engagement rate of your visitors. They will have to be creative to win the game. Proud of their creations, they will be more open to share them and talk about the game.
  • We made the choice to use the new API Youtube to have access to the viral potential of this platform. Your contest’s videos could be easily found on Youtube thanks to a special tag. By this way you could create playlists and optimize your visibility on this site.
  • Following the Vine (40 millions of users in August in France) and the Instagram video trends, we have adapted the video recording to the mobiles and tablets. Thanks to multi-channelling, you could reach your clients everywhere at anytime.
  • Why will you choose the Youtube Contest ?

    What is better than video content to communicate on a new artist or on a movie’s release? Music and movies fans are generally more active, and they are more likely to lend themselves to a game if it worth it. This contest could be very useful if you try to find new talents for example.

    Try now our new game Air Music !Air Music Contest

    Brands are trying to personnalize their client relationship. Why don’t you create an ads that looks like your client? The Youtube Contest can help you to do this. Thanks to the Youtube Contest you could use your fans image (the players will have to sign a release waiver) in your own communications (web, TV, outdoor, press…). A personnalized communication, that will bring you closer to your clients.

    If you are out of inspirations, « cute » videos will make the deal!

    Try our contest A cat’s Christmas.

    How does it works?

    Your users could post their video from different channels: send their video from their computer, or directly record themselves through their webcam or mobile device. Then you can let people vote for the best video or let a jury choose. To be more viral, these videos will automatically be hosted on the Youtube site.

    For more informations about the Youtube Contest, go to the Help page of our site.

    Start now creating your first Youtube Contest !