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Facebook helps professionnals with Facebook for Business

Google+ made its little effect on the social media world, especially on Facebook. Soon after the video chat in partnership with Skype to compete with Google+ hangouts, and have improved their comment system, it is in the business segment that Facebook may be under threat. Indeed we talk a lot about what will be for Google+ for brands, even though Ford is experimenting with a new type of Google pages specifically designed for businesses.

Facebook has launched « Facebook for business« , a new section dedicated to companies that strongly reminds the interface for creating advertisements.

The pages include step-by-step tips around four themes: pages, advertising, sponsored stories, and the platform including social plugins ​​available on Facebook (like button, system comment Facebook registration, etc). The content is available in English only at the moment.

A good initiative from Facebook that provides all means for companies wishing to deploy themselves effectively on the social network.

And you, what do you think of this platform?