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Facebook Platform Policy Checklist

The Platform Policy Checklist is a guide to reviewing your app’s features and functionality at the concept stage of development and just prior to launch. While the checklist is not an exhaustive list of the Facebook Platform Policies, it provides a quick “sanity check” to help ensure your app does not contain any easily-avoidable policy violations. Here is the checklist:


  • App includes policy URL in the Developer App privacy field in order for Facebook to render a link to the privacy policy on the data permissions dialog.
  • App includes its privacy policy on its canvas page or website.

Data and Content

  • App provides customer support for users by making it easy to contact them.
  • App does not include data it has received from Facebook concerning a user in any advertising creative.
  • App’s advertisements do not including any Platform integrations, including social plugins such as the Like button.
  • If the app includes alcohol-related content, it uses the appropriate Facebook Demographic Restrictions.
  • App does not promote or facilitate gambling, including without limitations, any online casino, sports book, bingo or poker.
  • App on Facebook Page does not host media that plays automatically without user’s interaction.

Social Channels

  • App does not include advertisements or cross-promote other apps in content distributed through Facebook social channels.
  • App does not reward or require to use Facebook social channels.
  • App does not pre-fill the user_message parameter section of its Stream stories, unless the user has manually generated the content earlier in the workflow.
  • App only uses the Feed form which gives the users the option to preview and customize their post. If yes, skip to Branding and functionality.
  • App does not automatically post Stream stories on a user’s behalf and instead obtains consent by providing users with an option to click a button or check a box that clearly explains their content will be shared.
  • App provides users with an easily identifiable « skip » option whenever it presents users with an option to use a Facebook social channel.
  • App does not provide users with the option to publish more than one Stream story a time.

Branding and functionality

  • App does not use Facebook trademarks or express or imply affiliation with or endorsement by Facebook.
  • App does not contain concepts or features that undermine the Facebook product.

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