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Kontest presents the periodic contests!

Thanks to you, we have been busy during the last few months! In order to meet your ideas, suggestions and of course in order to satisfy you, the Kontest team is proud to present the new features of the platform!

Here is what you can find in the HappyFlow version of Kontest :

  • Periodic contests with the draw at end of period or the end of the contest
  • Compatibility with HTTPS on Facebook
  • Tracking pixel integration
  • Improvment of the mobile version

More new features are coming! But you will need to be patient. 🙂

Periodic contests

Now a Premium contest can be divided into several sub-periods if it’s a quiz, a sweepstake or a poll!

How does it work?

When you choose the dates of your contest, you can also choose how many sub-periods you want. A small calendar of the periods will appear to make it clear for you.
The minimum duration for each sub-period is 1 day. All the sub-periods will have the same duration.

You can then define a set of questions for each sub-period if you have created a quiz. The questions will change each time a sub-period begins. Same thing for the prizes: you may very well offer different gifts for each sub-period.

You also have the choice for the selection of the winners: you can decide to do it at the end of each sub-period or do it once your contest is completely finished. Of course you can download the database of participants at the end of each sub-period (and contact them when the next sub-period begins) or download the complete database at the end of the contest.

By instance:
Imagine a brand of extreme sports equipment that wants to offer a gift each day (skateboard, surfboard, rollerblades, BMX, etc …) on a total of 2 weeks. It can asks its participants to answer one or more questions each day corresponding to a particular discipline. These questions will be different every day and therefore focus on a new subject each time.

A logic of active animation
This will allow you to enlive your community in an even more dynamic and engaging way! No need to pay several contests when you only want to change the questions of you quiz: everything is simple, you just program it and they will be changed automatically!

We want to make the Kontest platform as accessible as possible and meet the needs of the majority of our users. Feel free to share your feedbacks, we want to hear from you!