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Kontest turns 1, happy anniversary!

October 2011 is a very special month for Kontest:
we celebrate the first anniversary of the platform with great enthusiasm!

Many thanks to all our users, customers, and partners who are more and more to trust us. Thanks tp all the people who talk about Kontest: word of mouth is our main advertising, today.

Kontest grows every day and is already profitable.

Today, Kontest is:

  • A team of 8 people
  • Thousands of users
  • 300K unique visitor a month
  • More than 700K entrants
  • 20% of the turnover is made out of France, in 10+ countries
  • Clients like Samsung, Intel, Virgin, Easyjet, FranceTV…

All the Kontest team is committed to providing the best services and many new features are coming in the next few months. We will announce them soon with our usual enthusiasm.

Happy anniversary Kontest !