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Kontest’s last minute gifts!

Little time has passed since the last version of Kontest and we already add new features to the platform!

Shared management of the contests

Your life is simpler: multiple users can now edit the same contest. For this, it is only necessary that the users are administrators of the fan page for which the contest was created and have their account Kontest synchronized with their Facebook account on the platform.

So if you edit your contest, all the changes will also be applied to the accounts of the members of your team working on the same fanpage.

Improved installation system on Facebook

It’s now possible to:

  • Choose to install the contest as a landing page (for users who are not already a fan).
  • Choose the name of the contest tab on the fan page.
  • Transfer the contest from a fanpage to another (if you installed it on the wrong fanpage, for example).

No more fumbling in your fanpage settings on Facebook, everything is available on the platform!