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Opt-in and opt-out regulations all over the world

Permission marketing allows a company to send information to a customer or prospect if it has his prior approval. This kind of marketing is closely connected with the principles of Opt-in and Opt-out particularly concerning e-mailing. By instance, when you complete a form on the web, you often have the possibility to tick a box allowing you to receive information from a brand or a website.

Each country has its own regulation concerning permission marketing. In United States, boxes are already ticked when the user fill in a form : that is called Opt-out. On the contrary, in France, the boxes have to be unticked : that is called Opt-in.

Thanks to Kontest, you are sure to respect the laws of many countries. Our platform adjusts itself automatically depending on the origin of the contest holder.

To help you, here is an infography outlining Opt-in and Opt-out regulations all over the world.

worldmap opt-in opt-out
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