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Say hello to your free contests on Facebook!

Since it has been launched in October 2010, Kontest worked hard to offer an automated platform allowing the SME, advertising agencies and brands to create and deploy contests on Facebook, Web and mobile. We helped a lot of them to manage their community and to carry out efficient marketing campaigns at affordable costs.

Here comes a great announcement !

Today, we are pleased to launch our brand new Start offer which is now free and unlimited for everyone !

Before the Start plan was was billed $149, but now, it’s completely free. Kontest is the first service to allow to create and install contests on your Facebook fanpage at no cost!

You can now enliven your community regularly without budget constraints and take advantage of advanced features such as visual customization or the famous sharing features.

Sylvain and Jacinthe , founders of Kontest: «  After the release of our « Social Lover » version, with a full Facebook optimization, it seemed obvious that the next step should be to maximize the outreach of our platform. We enable everyone to discover the disconcerting ease with which it is possible to create competition on Facebook with Kontest. The switch to free is a strong message that we send to all Community Managers and Marketers who never thought to use our tools dur to the cost.  »

Here you can see our different plans:
(See our full Pricing page »)

What’s new?

Every contest produced with the Start plan now has a small widget that displays Kontest recommendations of similar contests. It allows participants to discover other competitions that could please them and it increases the participation on all the contests created with Kontest.

The mention « Powered by Kontest » is maintained like the right of co-ownership of the database of participants.

Here are all the features available with the free Start plan:

Full visual customization
Installation on your Facebook Fan page
Social sharing features : Mail, Facebook and Twitter
One-click form filling with Facebook Login
Multichannel deployment (websites, blogs, mobile phones)
Automated drawing of lots within the platform

And what if you need more?

You have specific requirements in terms of features, data collection or ROI ? In this case, you must choose one of our two other plans (All in One or Premium) according to the needs of your campaigns. They allow you to ask participants to become fan of your brand, Kontest’s logo and the recommendation widget disappear, you can export your database with an exclusive property, you get access to detailed statistics, you can translate your contest in several languages, and many other features to discover!

We hope that this new plan will better meet your needs and we wish you success in your future operations.

We would like to hear from you! Feel free to express yourself on our Facebook page or in the comments section below.