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Tip #6: The prize

Who says contest also says gifts to win! Prizes are the main reason that me people enter your contest. The value of these prizes is an important factor that will lead to an interesting number of participation, but this is not the only one to consider! Indeed, the nature of the gift to win is also important. If you offer a useful and trendy prize, then you have understood everything. You can put it forward on the design of your contest and also in your advertising, this is really a strong argument.

Some prizes are solid values ​​to offer as part of a competition:

  • Money is very popular. It can be found as gift certificates or as a year of product offered (eg food or clothing). The main advantage is the direct availability and the unrestricted use: the winner can do what he wants when he wants with it.
  • High-tech products such as tablets, PCs, TVs, smartphones or video game hardware are particularly appreciated by participants.
  • Concerning travels, offering a weekend is better than a long stay, it allows participants to project themselves more easily in a situation where they won the lot (in terms of organization in relation to their work or their families, for example) . You can still make them dream by offering an exotic destination.
  • Virtual goods are especially popular these days especially in regard to social games: you may very well provide items or credits that will allow the user to stand out or to go further in a game.

Remember, if your brand already offers products or services on a market, use it as prizes for your contest. Don’t hesitate to innovate in that direction to set you apart from all other contests!