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Turn a profile into a Fan page or merge several fan pages on Facebook

Update: Apparently this feature is not available anymore on Facebook.

Brands often wonder how to perform specific manipulations on Facebook in particular concerning the management of their fan page. We will clarify two important and relevant issues faced by these brands.

Turn a profile into a Fan page

In the early days of Facebook, some brands have made ​​the mistake of creating a Facebook profile to promote themselves instead of creating a dedicated fan page. The terms of Facebook state that a brand wishing to be on the social network has no other choice than to create a fan page.

The site has developed a system allowing you to convert your Facebook profile page into a Fan page within a few steps. You just need to follow the migration process. This migration is permanent and irreversible, and only the profile pictures are transferred (updates will not).

Good news! The friends of the profile will automatically become fans of the page. Thus, the brand will no longer be limited to the maximum 5000 friends set by Facebook, it will be allowed to have as many fans as possible.

Page de transformation d'un profil en page Fan Facebook

Merge several fan pages

The merger is intended to brands wishing to group several fan pages promoting a single and same item. Moreover, the brand may retrieve the fans from unofficial page or « duplicated » pages.

Thanks to to this form you can ask Facebook to merge up to 5 fan pages. You need to be the administrator of the page and the Authentic Representative. Then, the application is reviewed by Facebook which decides to merge the pages or not.

Fusion de plusieurs pages Fan Facebook

Have you ever had to execute one of these manipulations? Was it efficient?

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  • Raju

    When i merge profile to fanpage then this message show
    « For your security, you need to complete this process from a computer you’ve used for browsing Facebook in the past. If this isn’t possible, contact customer support »

    Then what i can do

  • Admir

    how can I merge fan pages
    is anymore allowd to merge fan pages ???

    • Mary:Ann

      Hi, it looks like it is not possible anymore :/.

  • how do i unmerge i want to just get my twitter feed on my fanpage because it is already on profile page. but someone told me the proccess not knowing i didnt want to merge. so how to i undo the merge

  • Mary:Ann

    Hi. does it still work? Cause I have tried it today, and couldn´t :/