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3 Google + features to get new customers

A lot of marketers know perfectly how to use Facebook and Twitter, but few of them think about Google + when it comes to acquire new customers. Howewer, the social network really deserves our attention.

Even if Google is still seeking its place on the market, Googlers already have imagined features which distinct Google + from other networks. Here are 3 of them :

Create a Page for your Brand

It has become a common practice to create a page for its brand on each social network. That said, Google + represents a huge advantage : improve your rank on Google Search Engine. Indeed, it appears that the social network and Google search results are closely linked. Thoroughly complete the page information and spread exclusive content on your page to optimize your Google page .

PlayStation Google Plus Page

Create conversation with Google Hangouts

Hangouts is the feature which makes Google + unique. It’s a simple but strong videoconferencing system , able to bring up to 10 persons together and an unlimited number of viewers thanks to live broadcasting on Youtube. So you can invite your community members to participate to several events as debates, training or celebrations. Plus, the Q&A features will allow you to answer the public question online. Last but not least, your Hangout presentation will be saved and available on your Youtube account to let latecomers see the show.

Google Plus Hangout Q&A

Bring people together around topics with Community Pages

To complete your presence on Google +, you can also create a Community Page to bring prospects around topics that correspond to your brand activities. Every member can publish and interact on the page. It will be a way to converse with your prospects differently, get feedback or better understand your market.

Cadbury Community Google Plus

Are you ready to reconsider your Google + marketing strategy ?