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Brands can now create their own 2048 puzzle game!

Did you heard about 2048 ?


It’s hard not to… This game created in March by Gabriele Cirulli, a young developer of 19 years old, has generated a buzz in only a few days and is about to beat Candy Crush.

The 2048 Game

How does it work?

The game is based one a 4×4 grid where you have to move tiles. Add and move tiles by pressing the directional button. When two tiles with the same numbers touch each other, they merge and their numbers are added together.

kontest 2048 1
kontest 2048 2

The purpose of the game.

The purpose is to reach the number 2048. However, given the difficulty of the challenge (you will see that soon enough), a score is also displayed. It will allow you to see your level and try to be better at every new game. You can also compare your score with your friends.

Why should brands customize their 2048 puzzle game?

Here at Kontest, we like to challenge ourselves. We have asked ourselves: how can we give brands the opportunity to surf on the success of this casual game? So we added this new game to our range of apps.

Mathieu Santostefano« Last thursday, our data-analyst, Laura, dared me to adapt the 2048 game to our platform. Challenge accepted, after a short sleep weekend, there it is, the 2048 puzzle game is now available on Kontest. »

Mathieu, developer at Kontest


Play at our 2048 puzzle game! »


If you want to create your own 2048 game and show that you are following the gaming trend, it is now or never!

2048 branded version

Brands can do their own game! We offer them the possibility – in white label – to customize their game. Create a unique version: texts, visual customisation, colors of the tiles.

If you want to replace numbers by images, or if you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to share them with us.

Take advantage of the game viral effect

This game is really addictive and its use is quite simple (with a bit of training). These are also the reasons why Candy Crush or Angry Birds have succeeded. The sharing on social networks option will maximise the virality of the game.


Like all the sweepstakes, you will have the possibility to ask your entrants to fill in a form at the end of the game. This way, you will collect some data which will help you to target more precisely your future mailing or ads campaigns.

You want to know more about 2048, take a tour on the Help page.

  • Mateusz Łącki

    Would you be interesting in trying out our 2048 variant? It is SuperHex 2048, it is available on App Store. If yes, then game’s page has the proper app-store link


  • Kontest appears to be a scam. Their website is extremely large and confusing, and promises free tools and marketing heaven, but also hints that they have a « standard plan » that has an associated price. Everything seems geared to make the visitor call by phone. Nowhere is their plan price given or a contact page available.