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Infographic: 10+ things you didn’t know about online contests

Today, we decided to answer all the questions you have (or could have) when planning a contest on Facebook, the web and mobile. This infographic is mostly based on internal data, that means on all the contests created with Kontestapp. If you enjoy it, share it!

Infographic about contests on Facebook, the web and mobile devices
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Player’s profile

7 people out of 10 have ever played a game. 68% of players are 18 years old or more and the average age is 30. Men represent 53% of this population.

More than 70% of big companies will use gamification in their strategies by 2014

The industries that launch the more contest campaigns are: entertainment industry (sports, movies), technology industry (IT, smartphone manufacturers) and music industry (labels, artists).

Brands prefer to use Sweepstakes and Quiz. However they also use Instant Wins, Photo Contests and Polls to offer their fans diffrent kinds of entertainment. Our advice: use an application that fits your goals. For example, developing your community is easier thanks to the Instant Winner and Photo Contest will be a good choice to increase fans engagement. Finally, a Scavenger Hunt is perfect for generating traffic and sales in physical stores.

The best duration for your campaign is either 25 days or 60 days. This is the optimal average of time calculated on all of the contests on Kontestapp’s platform and their entrants.

There are two important months of the year to launch contest: June and November. Most brands are launching their campaigns just before the summer or just before Christmas.

Do not forget to promote your campaigns: brands that have got a budget for the creation of their application and advertising collect 10 times more entrants. Moreover 1 participant out of 3 agrees to receive information from the brand by email.

Publish your contest or promotion app on several channels

80% of contests created with Kontestapp in 2012 were installed on a Facebook business page. These pages have an average of 17 500 fans and get an average of 34% more fans thanks to one campaign. Since 2012, the number of entrants on mobile devices have been multiplied by 8.

An entrant use your contest app for an average of 2 minutes 30 seconds. Make sure they get what you want to tell them!
The most popular prize given away by brands is travels. The average value of prizes in a contest is $369.

Apart from email, first name and last name, the most requested information in the participation form are: the age, the country and the postal address.

The Triangle of Success helps you to create the perfect campaign. For that you need: powerful apps, incentive prizes and targeted advertising.

Feel free to contact us if you have any feedbacks or questions about this infographic!

  • martin

    Is an embed code available?

    • Hey Martin, you can use this infographic freely. You just need to link where you post it. 😉