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Kontest throws 150 players into a frenetic racing game

If you follow topics as digital marketing or social media, you may have heard about the event which took place last week in Lyon (France), Blend Conference.
Kontest team was there to share its latest project : Plexio

Back to the experiment with this video :

An innovative and funny experiment

Plexio was imagined as – a funny game which allows you to challenge your friends into a frenetic racing game –

« We have always focused on brand’s needs with the aim to offer the best platform to create and spread promotions. With Plexio, our amibition grows up. We wanted to get closer to the player, better understand its desires and build up a unique gaming experience. »
– Sylvain Weber, CEO at Kontest

Drived by a huge desire to innovate and see the birth of an extraordinary project, Kontest team produced the first version a Plexio, which has been live tested during Blend Conference.

And we rapidely get feedbacks!

To get more information about the project and share its evolution with the Kontest team, you can follow @Plexioapp and subscribe to the Newsletter.

Would you be one of the next players on Plexio?

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